On Monday, McDonald's is giving away free Egg McMuffins to all customers. Why? The answer is simple. McDonald's has declared March 2nd to be National Egg McMuffin Day. At the very least, at least they chose March 2nd and not February 29th, that would just be rude and sneaky...though oddly respectable.

McDonalds To Offer Its Breakfast Menu All Day Long
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So if you wish to partake in this corporate holiday of fast food, then gather your friends and family and head over to McDonald's on Monday, March 2nd to secure yourself a free Egg McMuffin. If knowledge on this subject is what you desire for learning more about Monday's holiday and acquiring a free Mcdonald's Egg McMuffin, then jump on over to the original source of the information from the hard-working crew of KWTX by clicking here. You will need to get the McDonald's app to get a free sandwich.

I'm guessing the lines on Monday may be somewhat long in light of this information. That being in mind, I have made the discovery of how to create an Egg McMuffin at home. This way, if you are unable to get your own official McDonald's Egg McMuffin for National Egg McMuffin Day, you can still create your own that way you can still celebrate. All the ingredients can be found locally in your town's grocery outlet, like HEB (or if your town doesn't have an HEB, I'm sure you can still get the materials you need from the other options for groceries).

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