Mc Donald's Mc Ribs Are Coming Back baby, and this time they are coming back NATIONWIDE!

Okay, hands down, Mc Donald's Mc Ribs are my absolute FAVORITE fast food menu item in the world. I know I am NOT ALONE IN THIS! People who love Mc Ribs, LOVE Mc Ribs, and the people who don't... well let's just say they are the kind of folks that probably don't like babies OR puppies either.

It's a slab of heavenly boneless pork meat product smothered in bbq sauce and topped with onions and pickles.

Did you know the McRib actually created a spike in pork shares on Wall Street when it returned to the menu after it's initial release in1981?

Every year I look forward to seeing the sign on Mc Donald's kiosks saying " Mc Ribs Are Back!"

Not everyone is so lucky though, McDonald's used to limit its release. Thankfully Victoria always made the list! This is just another reason why Texas and VICTORIA are so dang AWESOME!

But this year it's different. This year McDonald's releases the McRib nationwide!

Mc Ribs are back- NATIONWIDE TODAY! This might be the BEST NEWS of 2020!

Well, you better believe I was up at the crack of dawn to get one!


Shout to Lydia and the gang at the McDonald's on Navarro across from Atzenhoffer for opening the door to me bright and early ( read 5:30 am) this morning. You can get your McRibs today starting at 10:31 this morning too!!!!

I have some serious "feelings" about the McRib only being a seasonal limited-time menu item but I guess it's a part of what makes this sandwich so much fun!

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See you at Micky D's!

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