We love Mattress Mack! Of course, he is probably most known for dropping ridiculous sports bets and turning them into Gallery Furniture promotions. In his latest commercial, he goes 'H-Town' and drops reference to Houston rap legends Lil Kek and Pimp. Watch the video below.  Behind all of the joking around and the crazy bits and bets that he does, this man is the heartbeat of Houston, Texas.  He steps up when needed!


From sending 30 TRUCKS loaded with relief supplies to areas that were damaged by Hurricane Ida. He also transformed his furniture stores into shelters for Hurricane Harvey victims providing food and water.  He also sent out his company’s moving trucks to help and rescue about 200 people.  McIngvale has become a well-known figure in the city who has a history of donating to charitable causes and opening his furniture stores as shelters. During Hurricane Katrina in 2005, McIngvale opened two of his stores to 200 people who had fled New Orleans seeking shelter. He also donates to many charities throughout Houston.  MATTRESS MACK for Mayor.
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VIDEO: “Oppusum” Porch Pirate Strikes in North Texas

A video has gone viral and will bring a smirk to your face. A family in North Texas was waiting for a 15-year-old's box of birthday cookies to be delivered to their front door.  According to foxnews.com, this happened on Jan. 26, the 'gift' of cookies came a little late while the family was out celebrating so it went unnoticed until they checked the video footage.

Video released by authorities shows an opossum going upto the entrance of the residence and then dragging away the box of treats after removing a blue birthday balloon attached to the package. It's a fun video.

@dallastexas_tvEveryone loves Tiff’s (via IG/ southlakepoliceandfire)♬ original sound - Dallas Texas TV

“Operation Blizzard”- Meth Ring Busted at DQ in Small Texas Town

They were serving up more than Blizzards at one Texas Dairy Queen location in Clifton, Texas, outside of Waco.  According to the Clifton Police Department, this has been an ongoing investigation since back in June of 2023 and was code-named "Operation Blizzard."

According to a press release from the Clifton Police Department, PD Officers received information that several individuals were selling Methamphetamines in Clifton. Clifton PD opened an investigation and started looking into these individuals. During the investigation, it was discovered that several individuals were selling methamphetamines at their place of employment in Clifton. They later found out that this place of employment was the local Dairy Queen restaurant, therefore this investigation was dubbed “Operation Blizzard”. Those individuals are no longer employed there as of this report.

A sting was set up by law enforcement and they were able to buy meth numerous times. After the investigation, they were able to arrest a total of ten people including employees of the Dairy Queen in Clifton. Read the full press release below...


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