The United States Customs and Border Protection officers continue to fight the war on illegal drugs entering the United States.  Recently at the Ysleta Border Crossing in El Paso, border agents intercepted 548 pounds of liquid methamphetamine with an estimated street value of $3 million. 

According to a press release, on March 30th, a 47-year-old male Mexican national driving a tractor-trailer applied for entry into the U.S. from Mexico via the Ysleta Port of Entry cargo facility. The primary CBP officer referred the driver for a secondary inspection of the commercial vehicle. That is when the discovery occurred thanks to the help of a drug-sniffing dog.  The liquid methamphetamine, once safely extracted from the fuel tank and secured in containers was seized by CBP.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection
U.S. Customs and Border Protection

I have always been fascinated by the Border Patrol and the methods by which they are able to find contraband. Two of my favorite show are 'Border Wars' and 'To Catch a Smuggler.' Lately, the smugglers have been getting very creative on where they hide their contraband. Cartels are trying to sneak in any drug that you can think of. From crystal meth and heroin to marijuana and counterfeit pills, there is no shortage of illicit substances coming up from south of the border and into the United States via Mexico and Texas. The further north the drugs make it in the United States the more money the cartel makes.  Check out some of the unusual attempts that have been made.

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