Another huge drug bust took place at the Texas/Mexico border. The Customs and Border Protection agents on Monday seized over a ton of meth that smugglers were hauling in a trailer crossing the bridge from Mexico into Loredo, Texas. The contraband was found in a white 2011 Chevrolet Silverado hauling a trailer with a manifest for a shipment of plaster. The drug dogs alerted the agents who found more than 2,135 pounds of methamphetamine, or just over 1 ton of the drug, inside the shipment of plaster. It had a street value of  $19 million.

US Customs and Border Patrol
US Customs and Border Patrol

The seizure occurred on Monday, Aug. 7 at the Laredo/Mexico border Colombia-Solidarity Bridge, when a CBP officer referred a 2011 Chevrolet Silverado hauling a trailer manifesting a commercial shipment of plaster for secondary inspection. Following a canine and non-intrusive inspection system examination, CBP officers discovered a total of 2135.83 pounds of alleged methamphetamine within the commodity.  The narcotics had a street value of $19,093,110.

Drugs have been found in some pretty unusual places. The border between Texas and Mexico is very important for drug cartels trying to smuggle their wares into the country. Cartels are trying to sneak in any drug that you can think of. From crystal meth and heroin to marijuana and counterfeit pills, there is no shortage of illicit substances coming up from south of the border and into the United States via Mexico and Texas. The further north the drugs make it in the United States the more money the cartel makes.  Check out some of the unusual attempts that have been made.


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