This month, KIXS 108 present Ben Marshal in the MHPC.  Ben Marshal is out of Dallas and has played more than 300 show in three years. He has toured Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, Tennessee, New Mexico, South Dakota, and is now coming to Victoria!  Ben Marshal is coming the Mac Haik Performance Center on Thursday April, 18th and the only way into this exclusive show is to win!  Don't forget about the official afterparty at Dodge City Saloon.  Check out Ben's latest single ‘Good Man’s Name’

Be listening to KIXS 108 all day, everyday to win your VIP tickets to the show and for a bonus chance to win, register below:

Find out more about Ben Marshal's music by visiting his website.

**You are eligible to win ONE KIXS 108 prize every 30 days.

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