Talk about an adrenaline rush! Right after Luke Bryan won the 2013 American Music Award for Favorite Male Country Artist on Sunday night (Nov. 24), he took over the stage to perform his hit song 'That's My Kind of Night.'

The country star, known for shaking it for all he's worth, got down to business right away. He wore a fitted black button-down shirt and even tighter jeans, much to the delight of his fans, and used his hip shaking (which he's described as a genetic talent) to really get the crowd on its feet.

Although he's always a great star to have onstage, the country singer especially seemed to enjoy himself at the 2013 AMAs. Bryan strutted across the stage, showing everyone why his blush-worthy moves went viral, his mile-wide grin growing bigger with every chorus he sang.

Any time the 37-year-old country singer is onstage, his diehard fans are thinking, 'I don't want this night to end,' and now America can see why with his nationally-broadcast performance. 'That's My Kind of Night' at the 2013 AMAs ended with lots of pyro in the background and a standing ovation.

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