Former Smokin' Armadillos singer Rick Russell and guitarist Josh Graham have remained close enough to cut new music as Lucky Ned Pepper, a duo named after the villain in 'True Grit.' Their first single, 'I Remember the Music,' is catchy and polished, but likely not the breakthrough song they're hoping for.

Russell's sturdy, traditional delivery isn't enough to overcome somewhat generic lyrics. 'I Remember the Music' is a song that looks back and wonders what could have been.

"And I remember the feeling and the magic / Of the moment, the rhythm of that song  Dancing underneath the stars / I might forget some things we said and what we did / But when I think about the way it was back then / I remember the music," he sings. While all of this may be true, the lyric lacks the finer details that sell his emotion. Star dancing is as common as banjo pickin' in modern country music. They'll have to be more clever to cut through.

"Don't know if it was your or me / Different roads and different dreams / All I know is someone said goodbye / Maybe we weren't ready yet / To let go of our innocence / Guess we'll never know the reason why," Russell adds during the second verse.

The song may not be a hit, but the duo certainly shows promise. One hears their experience in each man's performance. The words resonate after leaving the speakers, and Russell's voice is capable of rattling around inside you for a few brief moments after each phrase. It's easy to find yourself singing along to 'I Remember the Music' as it relies on a great hook and uptempo melody. But with songs, much like with steaks, it doesn't matter how good the cut is if there isn't much seasoning.

Listen to Lucky Ned Pepper, 'I Remember the Music'