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A toast is in order for HASH Vegan Eats, the first lounge of its kind in San Antonio which features non-alcoholic beverages exclusively at its bar.

I'll drink to that!

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There is a myriad of reasons why someone might want to enjoy the bar atmosphere but not the pressure to drink or the effects of intoxication. Each of their reasonings is exactly why brothers, Michael, and Rogelio Sánchez opened HASH VEGAN EATS.

HASH, located off of South Flores and West Edmonds Street is the first of its kind in San Antonio and offers non-alcoholic mixed drinks with spirits that contain zero proof as well as non-alcoholic craft beers as well as vegan bites. Perfect for those of us who are choosing healthier lifestyles which includes eliminating alcohol.

We are not alone. Both Michael and Rogelio can attest to this as the brothers celebrate a near-decade of sobriety together. In fact, HASH is an acronym for Heal and Spread Healing.

KSAT 12 covered an article on the Sanchez Bros, where they offer, "We have a high level of domestic abuse, which is directly tied to alcoholism and drug abuse,” Rogelio said. “It’s just kind of a given with the culture, with the Hispanic culture or the culture in general,” Michael said. “You (are) just expected to drink.”

Now San Antonio has a new option for celebrating in a lounge atmosphere.

All of the fun of being in a lounge with none of the pressure. Welcome to the community.

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