By now, many of you college football fans have seen the video of 'Santa' running across the field at DKR this past Saturday at the Longhorn/Red Raiders games. What most of you don't know is that the Longhorn 'Santa' is a former Victoria resident. Marcos Garcia currently lives in Austin but did live in Victoria for 7 years.  Some of you may know him from Newscenter 25 and others from his time at Olive Garden. He also attended Victoria College for a year.  Do any of you personally know Mario?

At the time of the stunt on Saturday, Garcia says he has been planning this for about 3 months.  You can see a YouTube video of him getting ready to take the field, and him enjoying the game up until he was tackled in the endzone. He almost made two full trips up and down the field. I mean it was like Christmas for the Longhorn fans considering they were just dominating the Texas Tech Red Raiders in BIG 12 action.  Once Garcia was apprehended by security in the endzone, he was taken to jail for about 14 hours.  The Judge told Garcia that he was banned from future Longhorn games.

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I will be talking to Longhorn 'Santa' this Friday morning during the morning show to get his recap on what happened.  His interview will be right after our exclusive weekly interview with Texas Longhorns Jordan Whittington. If you would like for me to ask Jordan or Marcos a question send me an email at


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