I actually remember seeing this awesome video while scrolling on TikTok just a few days ago. Apparently, this video has now gone viral and has been viewed over 845,000 times. Joel Wook a Tik Toker from London, starts out by saying, 'why is everyone mean about Texas?'  He refers to Texans as 'the most polite Americans that he has ever met.Watch the full Tik Tok video below and be proud to be from Texas.

At one point, he does poke fun at a huge Texas tradition, a Homecoming mum!  Joel says says "I mean they did wear those weird homecoming things, and it's like what are you doing? But apart from that, "I really like Texas." Speaking of those weird Homecoming Mums, I found this gem scrolling through Facebook.

Terri Leann Guiles Facebook
Terri Leann Guiles Facebook
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This was posted on one of the many Whataburger groups I follow on Facebook. Yes, I know I am a loser.  I reached out to Terri on Facebook to get permission to use this photo and had a chance to chat with her.  Terri Guiles is from Magnolia, Texas, and is a full-time school teacher that makes mums during the Homecoming season to earn a little extra cash for Christmas, and from the looks of it, she is AWESOME at it!  She shared with me a few more of her totally Texas creations.

Not only is everything bigger in Texas! Mums are also lighted.


I am loving the ode to the Houston Oilers for this Youth football garter.


This enormous homecoming mum was 40” wide and weighed 11 poundS.

@joelmwoodReply to @bethanyvinton if I was american I’d be a Texan fo sho ##texas♬ original sound - Joel Wood

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