In a recent report from the Victoria Police Department, we learn that some of the most common crimes in Victoria are crimes of opportunity! What is a crime of opportunity? The means that the offender(s) make rational choices and thus choose targets that offer a high reward with little effort and risk. Let me give you a prime example of a crime of opportunity below.

Over the last year, there was a total of 469 vehicles were burglarized.  Of those, 359 of those vehicles had been left unlocked.  That's a  total of 76%.  There were also 136 vehicles stolen last year. Of those 96, had the keys left inside, that's 70%. These numbers are a prime example of crimes of opportunity.  Most of these crimes could have been averted by just locking your car doors.  Don't create an opportunity for someone to make you a victim.  

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Don't forget about the upcoming community meetings hosted by the Victoria Police Department.  It's your chance to learn and ask questions about what is going on in your neighborhood. You will also meet the zone officers that patrol your neighborhoods as well.  Also in attendance will be Code Enforcement, Animal Control, and Streets and they will be answering some of your questions.  You can also hear more information about the all-new Next Door App.

The first meeting will take place on Thursday, July 15th at F.W. Gross and will be open to all citizens who live south of Airline Rd. The second community meeting will take place on Thursday, July 22nd at Holy Family Church and will be open to all citizens north of Airline Rd.  Both meetings will start at 6:30.



Based off of 2020 Data

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