Here is an awesome story of one of our residents right here in Victoria. DPS Trooper H.R. Mallory will raise money for the Crossroads Autism Network and hopes to bring awareness to Autism to the Crossroads area.   In a story first reported by Ozzy Mora and Newscenter 25, we learn that Mallory has been collecting police patches for some time now. He collects these patches and places them on a board for his son, Colton, who is on the autism spectrum.

I reached out to H.R and he tells us "Yes my son is on the spectrum. I personally like to collect and trade police patches with other officers. Last year I found out a lot of agencies do Autism patches and often they go support local charities for autism. So I bought several of each with the intention of doing the board for my son and also one for his school.

The patches are also a great way for father and son to bond. This is something that Mallory enjoys that he wanted to share with Colton.  Mallory tell us,"The board we put in his room allows him to rearrange the patches if he wants to or just hold them in his hand. One of his stems is to touch pictures and other items we have hanging in our home. So my hope is, this gives him something to interact with."

Their personal collection consists of 12 Autism patches. They have traded/collected 44 patches over the past 4 years from all over the state/country and internationally Vancouver, Canada, Germany, and Italy's Federal Police and Ireland’s Guardia Police Autism patch.

H.R. Mallory
H.R. Mallory

Read the full story on how this patch collecting turned into an idea that would raise money and awareness for Autism.  Trooper Mallory will be raising money for Crossroads Autism Network.

 You can raise awareness and help support Autism by purchasing these awesome patches at these two links.

The Crossroads Autism Network website

The DPSOA online at their store

The sale will run the entire month of April to promote Acceptance and Awareness for all those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. There are a lot of people buying them for their friends with kids/family members with (ASD). What a great way to let them know you are thinking about them and benefitting a great local Autism charity.

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