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This weekend is an event our family looks forward to every year.

We are beach people.

Strolls on the beach, sand in our toes, seaweed in our hair, beach people. So it's always a family fan favorite to enjoy the incredible artwork that sand artisans create during the annual Texas SandFest in Port Aransas. If you've never been, this is the year to go!

SandFest is usually held in the summer but was rescheduled for Fall 2021 last year and we can't wait to go!

Road trip to Port Aransas Texas October 15th through the 19th for Texas Sandfest 2021.

If you love sandcastles, then Texas SandFest is the best place in the world to see some of the best sculptors ever! You'll absolutely love the soothing sounds of the Texas Gulf Coast as you leisurely stroll amid amazing feats of art and architecture.

Master sculptors from all over the world go to Port Aransas, Texas to make pure magic.

Your mind will be absolutely blown away by the craftsmanship of these incredible sand sculptures. Part artistry, part architecture, these sculptures take hours, sometimes days to make and every one of them will leave you in awe. Can you tell I'm a huge fan? No seriously, it's one of the best events I've been to in Texas and I am blessed to go to a bunch of them.

What else is there to do?

There will be food and beverage trucks as well as vendors and places for kids to build castles in the sand. Drinks to quench your thirst and good food, but truly, it's the sand sculptures that will keep mesmerizing you and your family for hours on end.

Here is a great video to inspire you from Google Local Guides Festivals of the World Series. In this video, sand sculpturer, Albert Lucio Jr. explains the process and beauty of the art of sand sculpting perfectly.

If you go take your suit, your towels, your camera, and your kids. It's a lifetime memory just waiting for you on the beach at Port A.

We really are beach peeps! How about you?

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