Maybe celebrating the fourth with the masses is not your thing. Some of you prefer to pop your own fireworks.  Fireworks are now on sale, but they might cost you a little more. There is a firework shortage! Just the latest supply issue due to the pandemic. As reported by KXAN, in Austin, one firework stand operator says the lack of fireworks is out of his control. Chester Davis, who owns American Fireworks also adds, that Roman candles and reloadable fireworks are all coming in from China.  He also says sparklers are one of the toughest fireworks to get in stock right now.

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Maybe you would rather take in a fireworks show, check out these great events.

Come out and celebrate the 4th of July at Schroeder Hall. Jake Worthington will open the show at 8 PM on the outdoor stage and Randall King will headline the show.  The fireworks will take off at 9:30 with a professional show by PRO FX. This the same company that provides the fireworks for Bootfest in Victoria.  So you know it's awesome.  This will be an outdoor event, so bring your chairs, blankets, or whatever you need to be comfortable.  Get more information by clicking here.  That is just one of many different 4th of July celebrations going on in the Crossroads area.  Scroll down to check out a list of 9 other 4th July celebrations happening around the Crossroads area.

How will you spend your Fourth of July?

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