Our Crossroads listeners had some serious and not so serious "feels" when it came to our recent Question of The Day, "Is It Too Early To Roll Out Christmas?"

It was a lighthearted question on a more than stressful day, as we continue to wait to see who the next president of the United States will be! Soooo... in the 'spirit' of our 2020 Presidential Election, we still haven't finished counting all your votes as more of our Crossroads weighs in, but we can tell you the responses we have so far on early Christmas decorating is pretty hilarious,  even if we are a community divided, with votes at about 50%.

Hmmm...Wondering out loud what the electoral college would say about this!

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Is It Too Early to Roll Out Christmas?

We can agree that we all have strong opinions, from everything to our next president to whether to decorate early for the holidays, as long as we remember to love each other, respect our differences and to remember EVERYONE NEEDS CHEER! Now maybe more than ever. 2020 has been tough, but our hopes are that 2021 ROCKS OUR CHRISTMAS SOCKS! So, whoever and whatever you vote for, we hope you have an AWESOME holiday!

Speaking of bringing cheer! What about our Light Up the Crossroads Incentintive?!? You can win up to $500 in prizes and bring cheer to the community too! 


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