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I was driving down Navarro yesterday and completely FREAKED OUT! 

Check this out!


A Korean BBQ Restaurant is Opening in the Crossroads, and We Are Here for It!

If you are from Victoria, you'll be familiar with it's location at 4904 N Navarro.

It's going to be located where Johnny Carino's and 5D used to be.

attachment-Gogi 3

The restaurant is named Gogi Korean BBQ & Sushi and construction is under way.

I got to take a little sneak peek inside and it's going to be AWESOME! 

I'm not alone in my excitement. DJ Pooks at our sister station on Q92 often chooses Korean BBQ when she goes out of town, just like I do. And we can't wait to take JP from Klub Tejano when Gogi opens, because he has only ever tried kimchi from a jar.

Have you every tried kimchi?

It's basically pickled cabbage or cucumbers, that has traditionally been buried until it ferments... but it is AMAZING! I swear.

What makes Korean BBQ so popular?

It's all about the meat! In fact, "gogi" is the Korean word for... MEAT!

Traditionally Korean BBQ is served with incredible side dishes referred to as banchan and the meat comes to your table pre-marinated. That's when waitstaff turns on the propane grill in the center of your table and YOU COOK THE MEAT YOURSELF.

If you've never been to a Korean BBQ restaurant before, it might help to watch this YouTube video so you can get just as HYPED as we are about Gogi BBQ and Sushi opening soon, right here in Victoria, Texas! Thank you to Chef Joshua Weissman!

Doesn't that all look delish???

Counting down the days until Gogi Korean BBQ and Sushi opens.

Seriously. Counting. Down. The. Days.

That goes for Freddy's and Mr. Gatti's, Stir and Longhorn Steakhouse too!

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