Two very talented guitar players will take one stage to help honor the Beatles during a 2014 Grammys special event. Keith Urban will join forces with John Mayer to pay tribute to the seven-time Grammy winning group.

'The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to the Beatles' will air Feb. 9 on CBS. That's a special date because it's 50 years after the Beatles appeared on 'The Ed Sullivan Show' for the very first time and changed the face of music forever. The television special will be taped one day after the 2014 Grammy Awards, on Jan. 27.

Urban and Mayer are among many talented musicians who will honor the legendary band. Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart will reunite as Eurythmics for this night only, while Alicia Keys will sing with John Legend and Maroon 5 will also perform.

'The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to the Beatles' is all about that one special night when the iconic pop band made their very first appearance on television -- a historic night that can only be commemorated with other Grammy-winning artists. The performances will, of course, be songs performed and recorded by the Beatles.

Aside from performances, original footage from that first appearance will be shown, as well as other moments from important times in Beatles history. In addition, various presenters will help highlight and contextualize the musical, cultural and historical impact of the group.