Our intern, Joseph was on hand for the return of the Josh Abbott Band at Schroeder. Here is his recap. In-person concerts are back and let me tell you just how much I and others have missed them. I had the chance this past Saturday to attend the Josh Abbott Band concert at Schroeder dance hall and it did not disappoint. Finally, being able to be around the crowds with live music could not be sweeter let me tell you. If you were not able to be in attendance no worries ill catch you up and tell you about new opportunities, you will not want to miss coming up this week.


The Braedon Barnhill Band, who are on the up-and-coming list, kicked off the show for Josh Abbott. Braedon Barnhill a young and talented singer definitely showed the crowd of over 400 people what he could do with his pipes. The only way for this guy and his band is up they played many of their very own country singles, one of them called “Oklahoma” being my favorite.

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The Lubbock Native Josh Abbott was finally able to debut his 2020 album “The Highway Kind” to a live audience. Then took it back old school by playing his biggest hits and everyone’s favorite “Oh Tonight” featuring Kacey Musgraves. Although Kacey Musgraves was not on stage the crowd sang her part word for word and definitely would have made her proud.


Abbott thought the show was over until the crowd made him come back out for an encore. Abbott played a tribute to the Turnpike Troubadours by playing what seemed to be the crowd’s favorite song “Long Hot Summer Day” and the crowd absolutely loved it, including myself.


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Here at the radio station, we have some exciting people to check out. Jack Nelson will be playing on Thursday, June 24th in the Mac Haik Performance center! Be tuned in to KIXS 108 for a chance to win a VIP experience that includes food and free drinks thanks to our friends at Del Papa Distributing. Be listening to JP and Ingra Lee to win VIP passes.

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