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When I say Jaws in the Gulf, I don't mean some hyperbole of a big shark...I mean a HUGE FRIGGIN' SHARK has made the Gulf of Mexico it's new home. How big of a shark are we talking? Well, let us say that the weight of this particular sea monster has been recorded to be a little over two tons. Think about that for a second. A 2,000 POUND SHARK! A group of researchers tracked this female great white (of course it has to be a great white) shark from Nova Scotia to off the coast of Louisana. Does anyone feel like going for a swim this summer?

The great white, named Unama’ki, was first tagged back in 2019. She is a record-breaking size found in the northeast and the largest shark that the OCEARCH has tracked, and I forgot to mention that she measures OVER 15 FEET! Along with her incredible size and the distance she swam, Unama’ki is believed to be making her way to the Texas coast...so...yeah, have fun beachgoers.

If you wish to learn more about this shark and her incredible journey, and some more facts about other sharks being spotted in the Gulf, click here. Now if you'll excuse me, I just realized my boat is not big enough for any Gulf adventures and as such needs to be severely upsized...and reinforced...can a boat covered in tank armor float?

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