Jana Kramer has taken on a role in another Nationwide ad. The singer is an anti-thief in the commercial, using her acrobatic skills (and gorgeous black leather suit) to help those in need.

This isn't Kramer's first time pairing up with the insurance company; she's been the anti-thief for the company before. She again puts on her skin-tight leather outfit and combats burglars. A couple of no good thieves rob a suburban home, but never fear, Kramer is there!

A cloud of smoke appears and Kramer appears from the home's fireplace with a blue satin bag behind her. She flies and flips through the air, pushing gifts for the family into the home. The singer positions furniture and lights the Christmas tree before doing a front flip over the staircase. She lights one last lamp in the home before hearing a couple of kids giggling and knowing it's her time to leave. She escapes just the way she came in, straight up the fireplace, giving a sexy wink on her way out.

“I am proud to be part of such an amazing brand,” the singer says in a release. “I love the experience and always have so much fun filming these commercials.”

In the commercials, Kramer returns to her acting roots. After all, she started her career as an actress and still may be best known for her role on 'One Tree Hill.' She confidently plays the Nationwide sleuth, reminding us of her other set of talents, even though we love her best when she's singing her latest single, 'Love.'

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