The 2021 East/West Rivalry game is set to meet for the 12th time on Friday, October 1st. The very first game of the rivalry was played on November 5th of 2010 in front of a mega sold-out crowd at Memorial Stadium. I remember it was such a big deal that the Fox Sports Network featured it as the Dairy Queen Game of the Week.  Who remembers?  The city was electric!

The West Warriors took the boot last year with a 50-20 victory over the East Titans. Last year, the Warriors were led by Blake Buzzell and Chase Patek. Buzzell went 15-23 for 208 yards with 5 touchdowns.  Patek ran for 194 yards on 29 carries.  Latavian Johnson led the East Titans with 180 yards on 20 carries. The East Titans have the edge with an overall record of 7-4 leading into this year's rivalry game.

2020: West 50 East 20
2019: West 14 East 21
2018: West 28 East 31
2017: West 64 East 28
2016: West 33 East 36
2015: West 42 East 14
2014: West 21 East 24
2013: West 47 East 43
2012: West 48 East 54
2011: West 14 East 24
2010 West 21 East 48

Of course, you can't say the word rivalry in Victoria without bringing up the Victoria Stingarees and Stroman Raiders. The Crosstown rivalry lasted 31 years, with the final game being played in 1999, before the school board voted to consolidate on Sept 30, 1999. Here comes the Memorial Vipers! I'm still trying to make sense of this LOL.

The Victoria Stingaress, Storman Riders was won by the Stingarees 24-8. The final game went to the Victoria Stingarees, who overcame a 14-13 halftime deficit and defeated the Stroman Raiders 53-21. Does anyone else remember this furious comeback? The Stingarees always seemed to have the edge on the football field, but that Raiders band was known for the big-time beat and vibe.

I thought this would be a great time to revisit some old footage of that Raider band performing back in October of 1994 at Memorial Stadium. The video is courtesy of Greg Garcia and the Stroman Raider Band Reunion Facebook page. This was game between Lamar Consolidated and the Storman Raiders.

I love reliving Victoria Nostalgia, so if you have any videos or pictures from back in the day, please send them my way at  I would love to continue a series, Victoria, back in the day.


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