With six wins, the Dallas Cowboys playoff hopes are still alive heading into the final week of the regular season.  The Cowboys' 37-17 win over the Eagles sets up a dramatic week 17 for the NFC East. The Dallas Cowboys will take on the New York Giants at noon on Sunday to close the season.  If the Cowboys win this game, Dallas will still be in the playoff picture, at least for the remainder of Sunday afternoon.  The NFL has just flexed the Washington/Eagles to Sunday Night primetime to add to the drama of the NFC East.  This means, if the Dallas Cowboys win on Sunday afternoon, they will be rooting for the Eagles to upset the Washington Football team on Sunday night.  If this happens, the Cowboys will head to the post-season with a 7-9 record.

The Seattle Seahawks were the last team to make the playoffs with a 7-9 record back in 2010! That Seattle team went on to make it to Divisional Round and lost to the Chicago Bears 35-24.  If the Cowboys make it to the playoffs.  Can you see the Cowboys winning at least one game?

One thing is for sure, the offense is looking a little better the past few weeks.  The problem remains, can the Dallas Cowboys defense stop anyone? I mean they did hold the Eagles to 17 points, but we are talking about the Eagles.  Even at 6 wins this year, the Dallas Cowboys have made this an interesting year for fans.  Go Cowboys and we miss you, Dak!

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