Yea that's basically the question of 2011.  If there is no NFL what exactly do we do now on Sundays?  Wait around for basketball season and even NHL for some?  This is going to be boring now.  How can't you have NFL on Sundays.  I mean come on, it's been a tradition for years.  It gives guys an excuse to have guy time or just to be lazy for a day drinking beer, eating chips, and watching good football. 

Well, don't rule out Sunday football yet.  So there is still a chance that the NFL will still play but from the looks of it, probably not.  How sad is that.  So would you be willing to at least watch college football on Sundays?  I'm down for that if there's no NFL. 

The Pac10 is actually looking at the lockout situation really close and if there is no season for the pros, the PAC10 will indeed play on Sundays.  I think it's a good move, I'm not really sure if all their games will be played on Sunday but I think if the PAC does it, i'm sure we will possibly see more conferences on Sunday now. 

Think about it, what will CBS, FOX, ESPN, do without the Sunday football ratings?  The only solution right now is to let college sports in on the Sunday action.  A whole weekend of college football sounds pretty good to me.  I kind of like it better than the NFL anyway.  So what do you think, would you watch college football on Sundays if there is no NFL season, or is that just extra time for you and the family?