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We always have fun with Texas town names ( especially the South Texas names)  on the Jp and Ingra Lee Morning Show, but it's even more fun to hear superstar Drew Barrymore trying to pronounce them!

Are you better at pronouncing these South Texas town names better than Drew?

The divine Ms. B was tripped up a bit when playing " How Do You Say That" with meteorologist Anne Elise Parks. Here is the video provided by CBS DFW provided on YouTube. It's a great segment worth the watch.


How do you pronounce Celina? What about Bosque? How about this relatively easy one...Bowie?

We recently wrote an article about some of the toughest ones we've ever come across in Texas and let me tell you, these aren't easy! In fact, some of these towns are our close neighbors and it turns out we have been pronouncing them incorrectly the whole time we've lived here and some of us are NATIVE TEXANS!

BUDA-This one has been up for debate. BOO-DUH OR BYOO-DUH? The correct answer is BYOO-DUH

AGUA DULCE -English translation is "Sweet Water'. The correct way to say it is AH-WUH-DEWL-SIH and not AH-GWUH DULL SAY.

Just for fun, you should read the full article for a true Texas challenge below. If you live in the Crossroads, pronouncing Texas towns like Tivoli and Refugio correctly should be second nature to us, but NOPE! 

Regardless of how you pronounce our Texas towns, Drew Barrymore is pronounced FUN and we were proud as well Texans to see her trying her best!

Speaking of Texas town names, here is an article about the weirdest names for Texas towns. Would you like to live in Bug Tussle, Texas? Nada?

While we are at it, here are some awesome things to do in some pretty cool Texas towns! 

Top Ten Family Fun Themed Restaurants In Texas

Top Ten Family Fun Themed Restaurants In Texas 

Round Top Antiques Show and Fair





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