If you are from outside of Texas, chances are you probably mispronounce some of these Texas towns.  One of the most common mispronounced cities is located right in our backyard. Refugio, how do you say it? My daughter goes to college in another city on the list, Nacogdoches. How do you pronounce it?

Let's start out with the town of Refugio. The most common pronunciation I hear in Victoria is RE-FURY-OH!  I have always wanted to ask those people, where is the second R that you are pronouncing? The correct pronunciation is REF-FEW-GEE-O.

Mexia, Texas is the one that gets on my nerves the most LOL. It makes absolutely no sense! First of all, forget that the X exists, because you don't hear it in the pronunciation.   It is a Spanish word, however, its pronunciation is not proper Spanish either.  The proper way to say Mexia is MUH HAY UH. Sourced from the Texas Almanac.


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While the list is almost endless, here are the most commonly mispronouncedHow many of these cities and towns have you visited and you can also add to our list of cities I might have forgotten in the Facebook comments of this status.

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