First of all, props to Texas State Representative Cody Harris for his funny and on-point meme trolling missing Texas House Democrats this week. If you have not seen it, our Texas Democrats were photographed flying off to Washington D.C. back on July 12th. They were captured with big smiles and a case of beer in the seat in what appears to be some sort of bus heading to the airport? This photo has been shared by many including Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick. Click the link to see his tweet featuring the photo, and then laugh even harder as you check out Cody's tweet below. Look at all those Miller Lite cans in those empty chairs.




Harris kept it light, yet accurate. Could this go on all the way until the 2022 election? It could very well be possible.

How Much Longer Will Texas House Democrats Get Paid for Missing Work?

While no media outlet can answer the huge number of swirling questions about the missing Texas House Democrats without speculation, there are a few timelines that might help answer some of the questions. While many of those missing are still receiving a paycheck, there are a few things to keep in mind. Governor Abbott's line-item veto that takes away paychecks for those choosing to skip out on their jobs doesn't take effect until September 1st. Will the missing House members stay away till then? The bad news just keeps mounting. They are being taunted with threats of arrest whenever they return to Texas, and their paychecks will soon go missing on September 1st. Will they even notice?

How Much do Legislators Actually Make?

KHOU shared a report from the National Conference of State Legislatures which indicates the missing Democrats along with other legislators get an annual salary of around $7K per year in base pay. Most legislators make their living as part of a law practice but their pay as a member of the house may likely go unnoticed if it is taken away from them. It's not really considered a full time job for them. Perhaps that is why it is easy to walk out? Texas House Members last recieved a raise in 1976.

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