Governor Greg Abbott is no stranger to throwing out the first pitch at a ball game in Texas, but he won't be doing so at the Ranger's Home Opener, this summer's MLB All-Star Game, or any other MLB game any time soon.

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In a move that has disappointed countless fans in the real world, MLB has decided to show the state of Georgia a thing or two by playing politics after the state passed new voting laws. KXXV shared the Governor's strong rejection of the offer to throw out the first pitch at the Ranger's home opener after it was announced that the All-Star game would move to Texas to be played at the Ranger's new ballpark for political reasons.

The commissioner of MLB Robert D. Manfred, Jr has some fans upset with his announcement to play politics with the nation's past-time says moving the game is a direct response to the changes to the Georgia voting laws. Governor Abbott has said he will not take part in the opening ceremony as he does not wish to, "perpetuate false political narratives". Furthermore, Abbott says he will no longer support the MLB, and that the Lone Star state would no longer seek to host an All-Star game or MLB event in the future. Damn!

You can actually see the letter that Governor Abbott wrote to the Texas Rangers to decline their invitation here. 

The Governor was sure to say that his decision does not take away from his love for the Rangers ball club or the people who work for the organization.

What do you think? Will you support this summer's All-Star game or will it be something you stay away from? Let's hope that both the Astros and Rangers get to send a few players to the mid-summer classic, even if half the fans won't be watching.

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