Think about it... you hardly ever see an overweight country star. I suppose one or two of them appear to be a little "plump"... but for the most part, they look pretty fit. The thing is, they either have to actually watch what they eat, or be able to hide it well. As far as I can tell, most of them take good care of themselves (as good as they can on the schedules they keep). It's got to be a struggle when you're on the road all the time.

As reported by CMT Daily Roundup, Martina McBride recently told OK! magazine her guilty pleasure foods include chocolate ice cream. But, don’t be fooled! Martina said if she could describe her eating habits in one word, it would be “healthy.” One of the healthier choices Martina makes is eating broccoli, saying, “It’s good for you and it tastes good.” When it comes to eating ice cream or other sweet treats, Martina says she doesn’t feel guilty. “I think you should eat what you want. Everything in moderation.”
 In a recent blog post, Martina reveals her New Year’s resolutions include “making healthy choices about food, starting a workout program, saying no to that 2nd (ok, maybe 3rd) glass of wine, and trying to get more sleep.”

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