Jake Owen’s ‘Brothers Of The Sun’ Diet
Jake Owen is happy to be part of one of the biggest concerts of the summer – Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw’s Brothers of the Sun Tour. Tim and Kenny’s eating habits have even been rubbing off on Jake
Faith Hill Tells ‘Self’ What’s For Lunch
Do you ever look at your favorite country star and wonder, "how do they stay so slim and fit?" Well, faith Hill took a little time to share her diet secrets with self magazine and, as usual, it's really no secret how to keep the weight off.
How Martina McBride Stays Thin
Think about it... you hardly ever see an overweight country star. I suppose one or two of them appear to be a little "plump"... but for the most part, they look pretty fit. The thing is, they either have to actually watch what they eat, or be able to hide it well.
Diet Soda May Make You Pack on the Pounds
By analyzing the results of a 10-year longitudinal study of 474 people, researchers  were able to determine that the participants who drank two or more diet sodas a day experienced a waist size increase 70 percent greater than those who stayed away from diet soda.
Dr. Martin P. Paulus, a professor of…