As we go back to school we can't forget about our college kids, Speaking from experience, I know some college kids will have to be frugal at times. The question is what are some of the wacky things you have done to make ends meet? I remember one time buying $20 of groceries at Dollar General and making it last for two weeks.  Bologna and Ramen for two weeks, but we survived! That is why I love these stories because it shows your struggles while not quitting and attaining your goals! Please share your college broke stories below.

Before you submit, let's check out some broke college stories that I found on Reddit!. These are great.

User ElectricWorm shares their experience:

One time in college I was so broke that I walked around the campus parking lot one night looking for change so I could go get some food. I needed around $1.00. I guess I looked suspicious walking around the parking lot with a flashlight because a cop pulled up and asked me what I was doing. When I told him he laughed, then drive me to the store and bought me an entire combo meal. Ever since then I will randomly show up at least twice a year with dinner for the night shift officers.

User Agluja writes: I was so broke I've had sleep for dinner.

User ooo-ooo-oooyea writes:  Funds were a little short and I acquired some cheap ass beans in a can. I couldn't acquire a can opener so I beat the lid with a hammer for 20 minutes until it opened.

User Iamaredditlady writes: I once found a soaking wet pair of wind-breaker style sweat pants in an alley. They were covered in dirt, totally soaked, and who knows what else was on them. I needed clothes that badly, so I went home got a garbage bag, and brought them back to wash them. I still have them. They're good pants.

We want to hear your broke college moments and congratulate you for pushing forward.

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