Houston Rockets' superstar, James is Harden is trying his hand as a restaurant entrepreneur. As reported by ABC13, Harden is opening a find dining establishment.  The new restaurant will be called 'Thirteen by James Harden.'  While the location, menu selections, or an opening date has not been revealed just yet,  There is a countdown clock on the official thirteenhou.com website.  By looking at the countdown clock, a big announcement looks to be happening around New Years Day!  James Harden also has a couple of other business ventures in Houston.  He is part of a ownership group that controls the Houston Dynamo and the Houston Dash, both soccer teams in the Bayou city.

The Houston Rockets were the talk of the NBA world yesterday, when they traded Russel Westbrook to the Washington Wizards for John Wall and a protected 1st round pic.  The question is, does this make the Rockets better? We will find out soon enough, because preseason basketball starts next week. The Rockets will have four preseason games starting week.  They will play the Chicago Bulls on Friday, December 11th and Sunday, December 13th. Their final two preseason will be against my San Antonio Spurs on December 15th and 17th.  While the NBA regular season opens on December 22nd, we still don't know when or who the Rockets will open the season.  As always, GO SPURS GO!

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