This wonderful interview and story was written on Christmas Eve by our beloved Intern Alex. If you were in and out of Target at all throughout the holiday, you heard the soulful sounds of the accordion played by a surprising musician.

Photo Credit IA/TSM
Photo Credit IA/TSM

Alex had only her phone for a photo and most importantly her Google translator and was able to visit for a few minutes with this talented musician who made all of us who were in the midst of Christmas shopping madness pause and reflect on the beauty of music. Here is the interview in Alex's words.

"If you've been by Target recently, chances are you've ran across a new visitor in town.

A new face has found his way into our town, and his music is bringing joy into our hearts. Maruis Baciu, can be found parked outside Target playing the accordion next to his grey van.

Now, the accordion is a fascinating instrument in itself, but Baciu has amped it up even more by using his according to cover some of the biggest hits on the radio; it's quite a sight to see. I have trouble walking and talking, so needless to say, I am so incredibly impressed at this talented musician's skill to play some of the best songs on such an intricate instrument.

Marius Baciu is an Italian man from Virginia who uses his musical talent and skill to earn some money.

Photo Credit Intern Alex/ TSM
Photo Credit Intern Alex/ TSM
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In a sign next to his van, he has his telephone number for his CashApp, where people could send any amount of tips for his performance. This man really puts on a show. He has speakers set up and background music to go along with his accordion. You really get the full effect like you're in a concert! Even with all the hectic panic shopping going on, it honestly put me in such a fantastic mood.

Talking with him, I learned he is also a father of 5; he has children all from 5 to 15, although there was a huge language barrier (thank goodness for Google Translate)!

As I wrapped things up and began to part ways, I stood by my car and watched him happily play his accordion with a smile on his face. Baciu just radiated kindness, even without words."

If you're in the area, go ahead and check him out, and if you enjoy it as much as I did, don't forget #SupportLocalArtists and leave a tip. If you missed the chance to tip him while he was here, his CashApp can be found under 4049487288.


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