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3 Year Old Texas Boy Has Been Found After Missing for 3 Days in the Woods

This weekend we watched the heartwarming reuniting of mother and son after a terrifying three days of searching the woods of Grimes County Texas, for 3-year-old Christopher Ramirez.

You can see the emotion in this Youtube video provided by Today below,

We can all agree it's an absolute miracle but there are other factors that experts agree attributed to the survival of this very lucky little boy.

How did Christopher get lost in the woods, to begin with?

According to sources from Today, Christopher Ramirez's mother was unloading groceries when Christopher began to play with the family dog and he most likely followed their pet into the woods on Wednesday, October 6th.

Christopher was missing for three days, here is how experts believe he survived.

When Christopher was found by a good samaritan who thought he had come across a wild animal, Christopher was talking, but weak and dehydrated.

According to a Kens5 article which you can read in its entirety here, there were several factors that attributed to his survival. Mild weather is one.

Thankfully the weather in and across Texas has been mild now that we are coming into the fall season with mild days and warm nights. Children can survive several days, even up to a week or more, without food experts offer.

An interesting factor in Chris's survival may have been his lack of worry.

In the Kens 5 interview, Ray McKee with Texas Survival School,offers that studies have shown that younger kids are less likely to worry about some of the little things they might encounter in those situations.

Christopher is expected to be released from the hospital today.

No foul play is suspected in this incredible rescue story with Christopher expected to be released in good health today.

Statistics from the FBI show that children are reported missing every 40 seconds in the US daily.

This is a good time to talk to your children about what to do if they become separated from you. One of the top suggestions is to teach your children to stay where they are if it's safe as parents naturally replace their steps. Teaching them your phone numbers and asking a mom for help also ranks in the top three suggestions according to an article in Today's Parenting.

We are just so happy this story has a happy ending. 

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