Leslie Depine is on a winning streak, and that is EXACTLY what we keep encouraging our listeners to understand. You won't win if you don't play and if you don't win, keep trying! We have so many prizes and giveaways to offer our Victoria listeners and recently Leslie won a Whataburger package from calling in on one of our morning shows.

Maybe it was because she had won already that when she heard we were offering a $1,000 shopping spree and a second-place $500 shopping spree Leslie made the decision to register to win. It took her about two minutes and she registered right on the app.

Two minutes to register and she won! Winning STREAK! And this could be you too!

Leslie has the app AND she puruses our website and Facebook feeds!

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We got a chance to visit with Leslie when she came to the station to pick her prize. She chose to spend her $1,000 winning shopping spree at Victoria All Sports!

" We've been talking about camping, taking our two girls, Addy and Kadie, so for sure I am getting camping gear." Leslie offers, then pauses. " But my husband... he is trying to sweet-talk me into a new gun too," Leslie laughs.

We asked her more about camping and it turns out Leslie has been camping since she was a kid too!

" Our family would go camping every year at Lake Mathis. I'll never forget those times. My family always got space #1 on the hill." She smiles. Of course, we can't help but smile with her! "It used to be that the adults got the cabin and the kids got the tents!" Leslie offers.

She really is pro at camping!

It looks like with the $1,000 shopping spree Leslie can continue on the tradition of camping with her girls and maybe get the gun too!

We say to Leslie, thank you for playing and we hope you, your husband and your best friend Jennifer along with her kids have fun on Coletto Creek camping! Be sure to send us pics Leslie!

And for you, dear reader, be sure to register and listen for ways to win! Download our station apps, check our websites, read the articles and listen! It's really that easy!

Be sure to read about how our $500 winner, Valerie, spent her shopping spree soon!

Happy New Year!


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