As we know we have a plethora of Dollar Stores in Victoria but there is only one that actually features dollar items and that is Dollar Tree!  That is about to be a thing of the past!  As reported by KHOU, The low-cost retailer announced Tuesday that it would be raising the price of the majority of its products to $1.25 in all its stores by early 2022.

I find it very impressive that Dollar Tree has been able to stick to its everything's a $1 for such a long time. Thirty-five years to be exact! With the small increase in price, you will see new products and the return of some customer favorites that were previously discontinued because of the dollar price point.

We currently have two Dollar Tree locations in Victoria. One location is on Navarro and the other one is located on Houston Highway. I find that the Dollar Tree is a great place to buy party supplies like table cloths, gift bags, tissue paper, and fillers for birthday party goody bags, just to name a few.  I mean every one of those items is ONE DOLLAR!

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Dollar Tree already announced a shift at some stores to increase prices up to $3 and $5 for some products at venues labeled as Dollar Tree Plus in September. Dollar Tree is one of the last true “dollar stores” after most of its competitors had moved away from that price point.

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