Those of us who live in Texas know what a wonderful place it is to be! Even transplants like myself are made to feel welcome, and it hasn't taken me very long to be as proud to call Texas home as if I had been born here! Recently, the Movato Real Estate folks did an extensive study to determine which cities and towns in the Lone Star State are the "best" in which to live. Wanna see how your town measures up?According to Natalie Grigson, staff writer for

Texas: The Lone Star State, home of the Live Music Capital of the World, where everything is bigger, where near everything is better, and where the word "pride" may just not cut it. This true Southern state is not just great in size, but in countless other areas as well: a variety of nature, a whole country's worth of weather packed into one state, tons of things to do, plentiful places to explore, and, of course, its rich and unique history.


It's no wonder Texas Pride is not so much an attitude but a way of life-particularly in the places below. That's because out of the hundreds of places we looked at in this latest analysis, these 10 were the cream of the crop; the cat's Lonestar-covered pajamas; the "Red Headed Stranger" of Willie albums. They were the best.

Here is the complete list. (By the way, Victoria came in at #20 on the list!) Read the entire article--including their parameters for creating the list--at the link below the list.

(via These Are The 10 Best Places In Texas - Movoto)