Dirty Computer?

Sometimes a dirty computer can cause the dreaded blue screen of death. Clogged CPU or Cooling fans can cause the system to over heat this can result in blue screens or the system just shutting down. Turn off the computer open the side and gently blow out the CPU, Power Supply and other areas that need attention. Cans of air can be used never tilt the can because water from the condensed air will flow out.


Memory can go bad and will cause blue screens. If you have two memory chips try removing one and see if that solves the problem. You need to run a good memory testing program to check that ram and will need to run it over night for the best test even up to 24 hours. A great program to test memory is memtest86 go to our download section to download it. If it seems to complicated bring it in and we will give it a thorough test while cleaning up your system to run its best.


Software that runs at startup can often cause problems. Reboot your computer to safe mode by pressing F8 on startup then choose safe mode. Disable startup programs in msconfig and see if one of the programs there are causing your problems.


Just installed a new usb printer,webcam or some shiny new device a few weeks ago? This is a common cause for the error. Bad or old drivers may not play nice with you system. Try updating the drivers to see if that will stop the problem.


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