You know it's going to be a warm day when the National Weather Service has the Heat Advisory issued hours before the sun even comes up. Victoria county will see triple-digit heat this afternoon along with heat index values that could end up causing heat-related illnesses.

  • Monday: Sunny. Highs near 103
  • Tonight: Clear. Low 80
  • Tuesday: Sunny. Highs near 100.

High temps in Victoria County will be at or near 100 degrees with Heat Index Values at about 112 degrees. This puts a Heat Advisory for south Texas until 8 PM this evening. 

You'll want to make sure your pets are inside this afternoon if possible and if you have elderly neighbors next door or nearby you might check on them and make sure they are comfortable and have everything they need.

This is definitely one of those hot summer days when no person of any age or any pet of any size should be waiting alone inside an automobile. 

For all our listeners who are working outside, please take breaks whenever possible away from the heat. Take breaks and get into the A/C if possible. If not, stay hydrated and take breaks in the shade if you can find some.

Anyone who becomes ill in the heat should be moved into a cool shaded location. Heatstroke is an emergency. If you suspect someone is at risk call 9-1-1.

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