We kick off the new workweek in the Crossroads with some excessive heat as the National Weather Service has issued a Heat Advisory for Victoria County and South Texas from 11 AM to 7 PM this evening.

Heat Index Values will range from 110 to 114 today. The hot temperatures and high humidity could cause heat-related illness to occur so take extra breaks if you are working outdoors today, and be sure to check on your pets and your neighbors when possible.

Young kids and pets should never be left waiting in a vehicle under any circumstances.

Aug 31 NWS 5 Day Outlook NWS

The heat will stay with us early in the week followed by a cold snap that will bring the temps down into the 90s for the second half of the week with rain chances increasing by Friday.

Today we will be dealing with a Heat Advisory for all of South Texas that will even include the barrier islands. Inland Kleberg and Jim Wells are under an Excessive Heat Warning today. Daily heat index values will range from 105 to 110 through Thursday.

Be sure to take extra precautions when outside today and limit strenuous activities to the early evening hours when the heat starts to subside. It's that time of year when knowing the signs of Heat Exhaustion or Heat Stroke. Wearing lightweight clothing when possible. The Occupational Safety and Health Administrations ask outdoor workers to schedule frequent breaks. Heatstroke is a medical emergency so remember to dial 9-1-1 if help is needed.

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