Cartoons have been blowing each other up since long before the year 2020. With all the turmoil in America this year, these animated icons are about to be rebooted with a few changes via the HBO Max network.

Elmer Fudd will no longer hunt Bugs Bunny with a rifle. Some would say that this character can't possibly be Fudd. Yosemite Sam will no longer appear with his six-shooters. Perhaps he will stick to hash language? KTSM reported the news on Sunday. The Loony Tunes changes also got picked up by the New York Times. HBO Max has decided to introduce a series of short animated films on its network that some are describing as having the look and feel of the old characters. The big difference now is that Fudd now just kinda looks like an idiot carrying around this large grim reaper style scythe. How can Yosemite Sam be Yosemite Sam without his six-shooters? Shouldn't he just maybe be Salty Sam or something? Let's look at an example at one of the new shorts and you can see it for yourself.

The changes are aimed at removing some of the old rough and tumble ways that have been "grandfathered in" to Loony Tunes over the years by removing the guns to make the cartoons less violent. However, Bugs Bunny still chases down Elmer Fudd with explosive weapons like dynamite. That part is still ok. The New York Times article is a bit more blunt about it, saying the old violence from Loony Tunes cartoons is all still there except for the guns. In fact, the first set of cartoons to be run on HBO Max will include Porky sucking snake venom from Daffy Ducks leg, the ghost of Tweety haunting Sylvester, and even a cameo from Satan himself according to the times. 

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