Locally, we are finding more options of where to get a COVID vaccine! Let's take a look at the latest numbers from the Victoria County Health Department and the numbers continue to go up. As of 8/17/21, there was a total of 64 new cases bringing the number of active cases to 637. The hospitalization rate is 26.30%. A total of 87.42 of the active cases are on unvaccinated individuals. Over the past several months, the delta variant of COVID-19 has spread quickly across the Country and Victoria County.  Vaccinations are readily available through the City of Victoria Health Department and various stores.  Even Victoria College has a free vaccination clinic coming up.


As COVID numbers continue to rise across the Country. Officials are getting creative to try to get people vaccinated.  Just yesterday, Harris County judge Hidalgo held a press conference introducing a new initiative to address the COVID emergency. Yesterday's announcement stated that anyone who gets their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine through Harris County Public Health will receive a $100 cash card per person, no strings attached.


To earn the $100, people will need to sign a waiver prior to the vaccine and will need to stay in the post-vaccine waiting area for 15 to 30 minutes after receiving the vaccine, Hidalgo said. This incentive is effective immediately in Harris County.  What do you think about this incentive? You can let us know in the Facebook comment of this status.

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