Talk about focus and dedication!  As reported by KIII in Corpus Christ,  Eric Orozco logged 3 million miles on the road driving for H-E-B. Their cameras were there to capture a special moment with a celebration when he pulled into the H-E-B distribution center on Agnes St. in Corpus Christi!  Eric jumped out of the truck to greet his wife and the crowd waiting to celebrate the milestone. He is the 18th driver in the history of H-E-B to have ever reached this milestone and he drove every mile safely and without an accident. Impressive! SEE THE VIDEO BELOW! To put it in perspective, 3 million miles would be like diving to the moon and back over six times.

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As always, H-E-B continues to give during times of need.  H-E-B has mobilized to provide monetary support and truckloads of water and cleaning supplies to food banks in Louisiana. They have donated two truckloads of bottled water to the Second Harvest Food Bank, which offers support to counties across southern Louisiana.
H-E-B also donated $100,000 to the Second Harvest Food Bank and $100,000 to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank to aid in their recovery and outreach efforts. They are also providing additional truckloads of cleaning supplies to area food banks.
Alongside, truckloads of bottled water and a truckload of cleaning supplies to Louisiana-based Rouses Markets.

H-E-B has also donated $1 million and two truckloads of food to support Coastal Bend Food Bank in Corpus Christi

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