If you missed the announcement prior to the Memorial Day Holiday, H-E-B has added some additional purchase limits to stores in the San Antonio and Gulf Coast regions of Texas.

Since its never fun to find out at the last minute we have reviewed the entire list and included it below so you can shop accordingly. Remember that purchase limits are used to try to avoid another toilet paper situation. I can't handle 4 weeks without brisket so let's hope this works out as planned.

Product Limits on Food items include the following:

  • Fresh beef, ground beef, beef patties - limit 5 packages (That's 5 packages combined and not 5 of each)
  • Brisket - limit 1

Product Limits on Non-Food Items in some areas:

  • Acetaminophen - Limit 2
  • H-E-B Acid Controller 50ct - Limit 1
  • H-E-B Acid Controller smaller than 50ct - Limit 2
  • Baby Wipes - Limit 2
  • Disinfecting Spray - Limit 2
  • Disinfecting Wipes - Limit 2
  • Liquid Bleach - Limit 2
  • Hand Sanitizer - Limit 6
  • Hand Soap - Limit 4
  • Aloe Vera - Limit 2 items
  • Hydrogen Peroxide - Limit 2
  • Rubbing Alcohol/Swabs - Limit 2
  • First Aid and Cleaning Gloves - Limit 2
  • Masks - Limit 2 items

Most of our H-E-B locations in Victoria have not had to place purchase limits on some of the non-food items listed above. While this list is ever-changing, the closer you go to Houston or San Antonio the more restrictions and purchase limits you'll find. The ground beef and brisket limits are temporary, but they are bound to make any hungry Texan a little nervous.

We also want to continue to say thank you to everyone working hard at our local H-E-B locations. They are still wiping down the carts and keeping a close eye on in-store social distancing. Y'all are the best. Thanks for looking out for the Crossroads!

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