H-E-B truck driver Danny Guerrero has worked at H-E-B  for almost FOUR DECADES and has just reached a milestone that is rarely achieved in his profession. On Sept. 28,  Guerrero hit four million miles on the road consecutively without a single accident or traffic incident. This is an achievement only one other H-E-B driver has ever reached.

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Guerrero, whose CB handle is “Non-Stop,” began his H-E-B career as a sanitation Partner at the grocery warehouse in Dec. 1979. A little over two years later, he became a full-time H-E-B driver. In 1994, he became the 58th Partner to be inducted into the H-E-B Truck Driver Hall of Fame, and he was named the H-E-B Driver of the Year in 2010. As a driving instructor, Guerrero trained many H-E-B drivers who are current Hall of Fame members, and his training has led to more than 16 million consecutive safe driving miles for other H-E-B drivers.


Guerrero said he has no intention of trying for five million. Still, with a driving record that was described as impeccable and flawless, Guerrero shared some words of wisdom to help make our Texas roads safer. “You don’t have to speed,” he said. “Take your time. You’ll get there.” See the full press release by clicking here.

Just last month another H-E-B driver, Eric Orozco, celebrated hitting 3 million safe miles on the road.  It appears that H-E-B is taking care of its truck drivers. Just another reason that everything is better in Texas.

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