If there is one thing Texans know, it's barbeque. And if there's one thing Texans are opinionated about, it's barbeque. I have my personal favorites, but it would take days for me to explain who they are and why. I'll 'spare' you that. I'll just say that I love to barbeque and I love to grill. They are, after all, two completely different disciplines. Justin Moore says he likes to grill.

This past weekend marked the unofficial beginning of summer for some and an excuse to pull out the grill! Justin Moore knows a thing or two about grilling, and shares some advice for anyone looking to cook out this season. Justin told CMT Daily Roundup, “The best thing I think I do on the grill is a flank steak. I marinate it overnight in a marinade called Allegro, which is my favorite, and some dry seasoning I rub it with. But, the key is having the grill at the right temperature, and I use charcoal.” Justin adds that hardwood charcoal is the best kind to use. Smoke chips are also a favorite of the country star.
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