Sports enthusiasts in Texas are getting closer and closer to hearing the news we have all been waiting for. Soon fans will be allowed back into the stands at live sporting events! Baseball anyone?

Let's not get too excited yet. Sporting events will reopen soon but at a limited capacity. If you have ever been to a minor league game in any sport you are used to smaller crowds. 25% capacity will indeed look pretty small to spectators but the fact that we can at least discuss getting back in the stands is pretty great.

Governor Abbott spoke about letting fans return to sporting events in a limited capacity last Thursday when he reviewed the latest round of economic re-openings.

These sporting events must be held outdoors. Indoor sports are not yet on the table. Venues will be capped at 25% and each league and respective sport will need to receive approval from the Texas Department of State Health Services. KFDA in Amarillo brought up a great point as I was reading about the return of live sporting events. That point is that Abbott's discussion of reopening sporting events did not cover any college or high school athletics. So as of right now, the rule does not address those activities.

Certain professional sports have the green light to resume in Texas on May 31st like basketball, baseball, racing, golf, softball, and tennis. Major sporting events will begin without fans.

Abbott appeared on KXAN in Austin last Friday when he said, "If you want a prediction, my prediction is yes, we are gonna have college football beginning as scheduled ... with at least some level of fans in stands.”

Texas Department of State Health Services says rules for adult recreational sports include face masks, screening for symptoms at entry, and using and carrying sanitizer. It's very likely that spectators will not be allowed in groups larger than 10 with the 6-foot distance rule in play whenever possible.

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