At my house, we have some old, unused expired prescription medication and some old, expired over the counter meds, too. How do you get rid of them safely, without having to worry about them getting into the wrong hands, like your kids or putting them in the water supply by flushing them? You take them over to the Victoria County Sheriff's Office at 101 N. Glass St. in Victoria during the bi-annual Take Back program.

Twice each year, the Sheriff's Department lets you bring in your old, potentially dangerous drugs for proper disposal, no questions asked.

The event happens tomorrow (Saturday, April 29th) from 10am to 2pm, and it's super convenient with drive-up service. Take anything you need to get rid of, pills, powders, liquids, and patches.

The service is a partnership of the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Victoria County Sheriff's Office, and Victoria Environmental Services.

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