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Unless you live under a rock you've seen or heard about the Tik Tok video of a woman who rationalized that maybe it would be okay to use Gorilla Glue in her hair when she had run out of her normal holding hair spray.

She was wrong.

Over the course of the last month,Tessica Brown, now infamously known as  #GorillaGlueGirl, has been living with her hair literally stuck to her scalp. There are several Tik Tok videos detailing her experience, one where she shows herself using shampoo to try to saturate her hair, to no avail. She even went to the emergency room where no one was able to help her. You can tell Tessica regrets using Gorilla Glue and in her desperation, she created a Go Fund Me account to try to raise money in the hopes she could find someone who could help her.

Over 5 million people viewed the original TikTok video and thankfully, for Tessica's sake, a plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills offered to administer a $12,000, 2-to-3 day procedure, free of charge, that would completely remove the glue if she would be willing to try it.

She was willing.

Dr. Obeng of Beverly Hills said he used the same glue with real Black hair to experiment with the solvents before attempting to remove the glue from her hair. In an article from KHOU11 offers, "The doctor used medical-grade adhesive remover, aloe vera, olive oil, and some acetone," to remove the adhesive. You can read the full article here.


You can see one of several updates on YouTube such as this video from Trending Now.

Understandably she is more than relieved and very emotional about the entire ordeal, vowing to never use Gorilla Glue on her hair again.

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