Snakes are on the move this time of year so be careful where you step. The story comes out of Perryton Texas, just south of the Oklahoma border.  According to a Facebook post from Steven Cook. His son was mowing their yard when he came across a large rattlesnake and it was a big one! Not only was it a long rattlesnake but a fat one and it looked very agitated.  This rattlesnake ended up measuring just over 60 inches from the tip of the head to the end of the rattle and that is not all.
Keagan Stringfield and Cory Nelson.
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 Once the rattlesnake was dead, they skinned it and found a surprise inside. They found a FULL GROWN prairie dog inside the snake's belly! Welcome to Texas! The above photos were used courtesy of Keagen Stringfield and Cory Nelson. If you remember back a couple of months ago, two rattlesnakes were spotted 'sunning' themselves on the beach dunes at Padre Island during Spring Break.
Keagan Stringfield and Cory Nelson.

If you are heading to the beach this year, just know that several species of snakes are known to be attracted to the warm sand and sunshine along the coastline of South Texas but unfortunately, the Western or Texas diamondback is native to most parts of our state AND on the dunes and beaches, like the ones at Port A, Padre Island, and Galveston, with these rattlesnakes, boasting as the majority of venomous snakes who call the dunes and flats, 'home.'

I have also seen many posts on my social feeds about Copperheads and Water Moccasins.  It appears that snakes are moving a little more than usual this year so be careful when in snake territory this year.

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